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We create brand and user experience solutions

RedTrain helps startups, entrepreneurs and technology companies build brand and culture through brand definition, audience understanding, targeted messaging and customized user experience.

How do I know if branding is right for my company?

When you’re really honest with yourself, does any of this sound familiar?

  • • You’re working at capacity and just making ends meet
  • • You have a few clients who value your expertise—but most nit-pick and micromanage every decision
  • • Your company is forced to compete on price, no matter how professional or high-quality your deliverables
  • • You’re tired of having to justify your invoices
  • • You’d like to be more selective with your clients, but you're stuck trading time for money
  • • Your incoming work and revenue is unpredictable and you're in a feast or famine cycle
  • • You could use more confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re presenting it
  • • You don’t want to be aggressive to get work, but you need to bring in a higher level of client
  • • You need to validate your potential market and idea
  • • You don't fully understand your target audience or their motivations and desires
  • • You wish the process of attracting new clients was easier, more predictable, and idiot-proof

If you answered yes to one or more of those scenarios, you don't need a new logo, marketing or advertising. You have a branding problem.

Branding that works as hard as you do.

Brand Engine is our proven brand development program for startups and technology companies. Brand Engine is designed solely to put a sustainable brand infrastructure in place for your organization to create loyalty, engagement and growth.

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It's not about being flashy, it's about being relevant.

A brand has the power to unite people, create and alter perceptions and solve big problems. Your brand goes way past the visual identity or face for your organization. It's an opportunity to show your audience all about you and your values. It's about a genuine, meaningful connection between you and your ideal clients. And, it’s all about developing a confident, clear understanding of what you have created and why it's important.

RedTrain has created and honed a powerful system for building meaningful brands. It's a highly-structured process that takes your passion and turns it into a brand you and your customers will love. Perhaps even more impactful, it's a system which will grow your business and get you higher-value, more loyal clients.

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